I don’t know about you, but when I find something that I like, when I fall in love with something that makes me happy, I’d much rather it be for the long-term and not short lived.  This sentiment totally applies to our relationship with our accessories.  We choose to adorn ourselves and embellish with our jewels.  We don’t wear them because we have to, but because we want to.  More often than not, because it makes us feel a way, happy, put-together, confident, beautiful, emotional, comfortable, secure… you name it.  Whatever it is, we want this good styling relationship to be a nice long one. 

So, we did some research and generated a list of 5 Tips so you can build the perfect collection and have a beautiful experience with your jewels!  Before you dive in, this is who these tips are for:

  • The fashionista who has a collection but loves to enhance it with new pieces

  • For the girl who wants to not only be fashionable but financially conscious too

  • For the women who are just getting started with their collection

  • And for the shoppers who’ve invested and have been disappointed

Check out these research based tips that we've curated just for you. 

  1. QUALITY - Invest in quality.  Jewelry that you can wear and enjoy long-term, not throw away jewelry.  When you own quality you are confident that you have a go-to collection of items you can pull from when you want, without worry. 

  2. ACCESSIBLE - Shop accessible pieces that are high quality and affordable.  High end fashion jewels are the perfect option and alternative to expensive fine jewelry.  Investing in quality fashion jewels allows you to shop a variety of pieces without breaking the bank.

*Women want quality at all price points.

  1. STYLE - Look for items that are stylish - that aren’t just trendy but are appealing and timeless.  When the item is stylish and high quality it quickly becomes one of your favorites that you'll want to wear all the time.               

*There’s a relationship between happiness and wearing your favorite wardrobe items.  A research study suggested that we should put on pieces that we associate with happiness.  There’s a strong link between wardrobe and mood.

  1. ESSENTIALS - Go for the essentials. These jewels ensure that you are always prepared whether it’s for everyday, vacation, meetings, date-night or otherwise.  Essentials are key to the collection.  Your must have pieces; necklaces- at varying lengths; earrings – studs & hoops, etc.

  2. VERSATILITY- Versatility is key, jewels that you can wear alone or mix and match; stack and layer.  You should be able to transition from an every day to a more statement look with your pieces.  Get the most of your jewels by maximizing their wear. You’ll then be equipped for your daily style needs, vacation looks, work wardrobe, etc.

*Research continues to affirm that women want options and the ability to maximize their wardrobe.

Keep these things in mind when exploring and as you jump in to your next shiny accessory relationship.

Want more tips and a deeper breakdown of each of the 5 above?  Join our mail-listing for the inside scoop, because sharing is caring. 


Stay Golden

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