GOLDEN STORIES - because you’re golden.  Tell your personal style story with your collection.   Not only will you collect great high quality pieces, you’ll also build a complete collection.  Golden Stories is designed to ensure that you have jewels that compliment one another and allow you to maximize their wear through mixing and matching, stacking and layering.

We take the guesswork out of it for you.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone else did the work of gathering stylish and luxurious accessories that you can trust, and at an affordable price.  If you are someone that’s busy or overwhelmed by all of the options out there, you want accessory styling to be effortless, and to make sure you’re always stylishly prepared, then we’re the service for you. 

We are more than a box.  Our mission is to cultivate a style experience through adornment that will inspire your everyday looks and mood.  

Her Golden Story

Golden Stories Accessory Box was founded by women's fashion and jewelry designer Gwen Beloti.  Gwen's jewelry and brand have been recognized by QVC & HSN, one of the top accessory platforms.  With a 5 star rating the Gwen Beloti brand is most known for its quality and wearability.  What you’ll see in most product reviews are statements like these “The necklace that I purchased months ago is still shining just as bright as it did when I first got it”  or “I wear my earrings literally everyday”.

Gwen brings her personal experience as a consumer turned designer to the design table everyday.  Her love for the opportunity that accessorizing can afford you is what inspired her to launch Golden Stories.  Her emphasis is on everyday style and glam.  Gwen’s mission is to make accessorizing effortless for every Golden Stories member.  Since its inception in 2019, Gwen and the team have designed a service like no other by ensuring that members build a comprehensive and complete collection of beautiful timeless and on-trend pieces.


I haven’t seen this level of detail and quality in a long time. Icing on the cake is, it’s gold - MY FAVE! I would, hands down, recommend.

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