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A Quiet New Years - Make It Fashion

Celebrations seem like a thing of the past but that doesn't mean we have to forgo glam, even if it's "milder" than usual.  Time spent at home can be fun too.  Team Gwen Beloti and Golden Stories won't miss an opportunity to celebrate and make it fashion.  Check out how we're planning to bring in the new year and welcome 2021.   Guess what, you can do it too with items you likely have at your disposal.
Just because - put on the sparkly dress.  The one that should be worn when you actually have somewhere glamorous to go, wear that.  So what you're home, go for it.  Or maybe it's your favorite ____________ (fill in the blank) that every time you wear it you feel gorgeous or you get tons of compliments, go with that.  Third option, wear the look you've wanted to wear out but have been hesitant.  Guess what? we're all home or in small intimate settings, show it off and don't forget to remind yourself how beautiful you are in it!  
Oh you're totally prepared.  Wear your Link Drop Earrings featured in our Winter Holiday Box, they're perfect for the New Years Eve at Home Edition.  Want a bolder look? Wear your earrings with a chunky necklace or stack your favorite daintier necklaces.  Are you a two or three piercings gal? Wear your dangles with other earrings, large or small.  If you're doing a relaxed outfit look, maybe a super cute sweater or tee, wear your initial necklace at its longest length.   It's New Years, have fun. 
Golde earrings and initial necklace
Are you into red?  Make a bold lippie statement and you don't have to do much else.  Whether you're doing a full face of makeup or the bare minimum, lip color is an effortless way to make a statement.  If color isn't your thing, softer shades or even gloss works too.  It's all about what makes YOU feel amazing.  
Pull out your favorite dining set and flatware to have your dinner or appetizers with.  You know we love gold here, but anything will do so long as it's something you enjoy, and it makes your dining experience feel special.
No pressure here, champagne or club soda, so long as bubbles are involved.  If you're going with the sparkling water option, mix in a bit of your favorite juice, fresh fruit, or sweetener to jazz it up a bit.  Cheers.
Last but certainly not least, as you say farewell in style don't forget to give kudos to you, for making it through.  

Cheers to 2021, more glam and celebrations to come.
Stay Golden 
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