A referral program helps us spread the word, and it gives you a reward as a thank you for supporting us. If each of our members and supporters referred just one person it would have a major impact on our partnership.

Instead of spending on advertising we'd rather invest in you.  For every friend you refer who subscribes you'll get a free gift valued up to $50, and your friend will get $10 off of their first box. 

Updated August 13th, 2020


Golden Stories Accessory Box is a quarterly subscription box that features quality luxe gold toned jewelry.   Each box is valued at almost $100 and our members can secure their box at just $59.99; annual VIP members get extra savings.  As a box partner you can earn free gifts by promoting the box. You'll be gifted jewels and accessories valued up to $50 for every successful referral you make. 

To get started click here.


Click the Partner With Us link and enter your email address.  A unique code will be generated.  Share your link with your audience and friends. Share it on your platforms, websites and social media.

Be sure you're subscribed to the Golden Stories Style-List so you can stay in the know about the products and use our style content to promote the box.  

Your unique link that you use to promote the box will direct your referrals to our site.  They will be awarded $10 off their first box.

All referral sales are tracked by Referral Candy.  For each sale made through your link, you'll receive a free gift valued up to $50.


Earned gifts are shipped out to partners once a month, for the previous month referrals.  After your first successful referral our team will reach out to you to confirm your preferred shipping address.  

A maximum of 4 gifts per partner is shipped per month.  If you make more than 4 successful referrals in a month the gifts for your remaining referrals will be applied to the following month.  This cycle will continue until you receive all of your free gifts.

Gifts will be in the likeness of the pieces that are featured in Golden Stories Boxes.  Gifts are not exchangeable for other items or for monetary value.  It's possible that partners with multiple referrals could receive the same gift more than once, over the course of their partnership.  


By participating in the program you acknowledge the above and you're in agreement with all of the terms outlined above. We reserve the right to update terms of the program at any point.


Please contact us at [email protected].

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