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Oh how we love the holidays!!! I'm not sure if you've heard but the next Golden Stories Box is the winter box aka the Holiday Box, aka the Personalized box, yup all of that!

In every cycle of the membership (5 seasons) one of the boxes is a personalized box that features your initial on your jewelry.  The holiday season is a special time and we want our members to feel special.

The box will feature two pieces of high quality golden jewels.  Our goal is always to prioritize quality over quantity and deliver timeless designs that you can enjoy longterm, without worry.  You definitely don't want to miss this box.  

Build your trusted collection, start mixing and matching, stacking and layering.  Effortlessly take your minimal look to next level.  Minimalisticly  extra is what we like to call it around here at Golden Stories, we never underestimate the subtleties. 

Minimal·is·tic·ly Ex·tra:

Doing a lot with less.  Everyday wear maximized, curating statement looks.

Used in a sentence: The earrings she wore to the holiday party were adorable, she paired them with some other pieces and the overall look was so glam - definitely minimalisticly extra, love.


Stay Golden


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