Tara Dupuis

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1. Who is Tara Dupuis? 

    I am a fashion stylist, model, and musician with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Currently, I run my own fashion stylist business with the goal of empowering other women to have confidence in their style. Style has always played a part in my identity both on and off the stage!

    2. How do you define fashion and or style?

      I really see fashion as more of the industry trends and commerce of the fashion industry. Style is your defined look - what you love that is unique to you and that lets your personality show through. Style evolves with you as you change and grow as a person and is a creative expression of who you are at every stage of your life. 

      3. What influences your style? ie travel, work, movies, magazines, social media trends, celebrities, color, etc.

        Music has always been a huge inspiration for me in my life and in my style. There are so many iconic women in music like Debbie Harry (Blondie), Shirley Manson (Garbage), and Madonna. Edgier designers like Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood are favorites and growing up in the 90s I really remember the impact McQueen had on the industry.

        4. How has your style evolved?

          My style has always invoked a bit of a rebellious spirit. As I age, my style has become more refined but it still retains those rock’n roll elements like lots of black and animal prints. I definitely invest in better quality garments now and value the small details in specific pieces or overall outfits that really craft an outstanding look. 

          5. What does your dream wardrobe consist of? 

            I consider myself a minimalist so it wouldn’t be a super large wardrobe but rather a really curated collection of my favorite designers. High quality denim and silk shirts are my everyday look, and I would have a few great (and glam) options for cocktails and parties. I also love a stunning pair of ankle boots, so I would invest in a few great everyday and statement pairs. 

            6. If you were to give fashion advice to your younger self what would it be?

              Don’t stray from the black wardrobe! The very few and brief moments where I tried to add more color to my closet just never worked for me. So trust yourself and stay the course. 

              Via: shutter_vivid_photography 2021

              7. How important is it to be body positive and to appreciate the skin that you're in?

                This is so important. Women face so much scrutiny every single day for how we look but the more confident you are in your style and the more you accept your body the less you will be affected by negativity coming at you from all directions. You only have one body so treat it well!

                8. What do you love about jewelry?  What is your absolute favorite is it earrings, necklaces, etc.

                  Jewelry can really add some personality to an outfit! I have a hard time picking a favorite piece as I am almost always wearing necklaces, rings, and earrings. My current piece I never take off is a simple sterling silver ring which was a gift from my best friend.

                  9. How do you incorporate accessories and jewelry into your daily looks? 

                    Adding jewelry to an outfit is just as intentional as picking out the actual outfit itself. I usually rock a few layered necklaces and rings. Sometimes I mix metals and other times I intentionally keep all the pieces in the same color scheme. I always wear a pair of earrings whether it is a subtle stud or a statement piece really depends on the outfit.    

                    10. What are your non-negotiables...  What must you have / wear / do?  and what are your, “I’m never ever doing or wearing that”?

                      Non-negotiables are having a few great black denim pieces as they are so easy to dress up or down and are definitely my everyday wear. A perfect black leather ankle boot is also on this list as it is timeless and edgy at the same time. And don’t underestimate a great tee - always a key piece in my closet. 

                      Speaking to the ‘I’ll never wear that’ category, for me this is pastel colors, anything too romantic or bohemian, and quick fast fashion trends. My style is very consistent, which is part of what makes it so powerful, and those listed things just don’t fit my vibe. 

                      11. Tell us why you choose fashion and style.  So what we mean by that is, we don’t have to dress up, we don’t have to adorn ourselves with jewels and embellish with accessories, but we do, we choose to… why do you?

                        Style is really a creative expression of who you are at this moment in your life. I am a creative person and why wouldn’t that extend to what I’m wearing? Whether you are glamming up a pair of jeans and a tee with jewelry or rocking a chic suit to a cocktail event, we say so much about ourselves via how we dress. I have fun with my style because I see it as this creative expression.  

                        Via: shutter_vivid_photography 2021

                        12. What’s your favorite fashion/style quote or mantra?

                          Life is too short to dress by other people’s rules - so make your own. (My own quote/mantra)

                          ‘Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.’ - Marc Jacobs 

                          13. How and where can people connect with you?

                          My website is and socials are: @thetaradupuis   







                          Style truly does allow your personality to shine through and tell the world a little bit of your story. And we love what your style says about you, Tara. Thank you for sharing with us! 


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