Amber Zhaoyang Wang

1. Who is Amber Wang? Tell us who you are.

My name is Amber Zhaoyang Wang. I was born in China, but am currently living in Miami fulfilling my dream of being a high fashion model.  

2. How do you define fashion and or style?

I think that fashion and style is a way of expressing ourselves. Style shows who you are, how you feel, and what you love! My style can change but I always make sure it is a representation of me. I want my clothes to make me feel comfortable and confident. 

3. What influences your style? ie travel, work, movies, magazines, social media trends, celebrities, color, etc.

Recently, I have loved getting style inspiration from social media, specifically TikTok. I think social media is a great way for people all around the world to express themselves and share with one another. I love seeing the amazing styles and trends people come up with! I also draw a lot of inspiration from art. I think fashion and style is a form of art, so it is only fitting that my style should be inspired by the art around me. 

4. How has your style evolved?

I feel like I am constantly changing my style. I evolve and change as a person with every passing year, so I want my style to change with me to fit who I am and what I am becoming.  

5. What does your dream wardrobe consist of?

Chanel! All things Chanel! This classic brand represents beauty and grace. I love it! 

6. If you were to give fashion advice to your younger self what would it be?

I would say dress for yourself, not for others. Follow your heart. If you like it, wear it and don’t worry about what other people think. 

7. How important is it to be body positive and to appreciate the skin that you're in?

Everyone is unique and beautiful. It is important to be thankful for exactly who you are! Be confident and let your unique beauty shine to the rest of the world. 

8. What do you love about jewelry? What is your absolute favorite is it earrings, necklaces, etc.

I love the bold, “bling-bling”, statement styles. Earrings are my favorite! 

9. How do you incorporate accessories and jewelry into your daily looks?

I like to wear minimalistic, simple clothing pieces and dress them up with bold and fancy jewelry. If I am wearing a fancy or extravagant outfit, I like to do the opposite and pair it with simple accessories. 

10. What are your non-negotiables... What must you have/wear/do? and what are your, “I’m never ever doing or wearing that”?

I love a basic white top! I always have at least one in my closet. As far as items I will not wear; Christmas pants. I just can’t do it. 

11. Tell us why you choose fashion and style. So what we mean by that is, we don’t have to dress up, we don’t have to adorn ourselves with jewels and embellish with accessories, but we do, we choose to… why do you?

My mindset is that we do not dress up for others, but for ourselves. We should celebrate who we are and expressing ourselves through fashion is a perfect way to do that. If you look good, you feel good! I see my style as a way of loving and celebrating who I am every day. 

12. What’s your favorite fashion/style quote or mantra?

“Be your own icon.” 

13. How and where can people connect with you?

I love to connect with people on social media! You can find me at:


Instagram: @amberwangwzy

TikTok: @zhaoyangwang


We loved learning more about you, Amber. Our style really does celebrate and express who we are, well said! 


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