Beverly Price

1. Who is Beverly Price?
I am founder of Nastava Jewelry, an intuitive designer of custom and one of a kind creations that reflect a woman’s journey of self-empowerment, self-expression, and beauty. Inspired by the elements, I let the internationally sourced stones speak to me when crafting my bespoke pieces. Through my methodology and endless style options, the artisan jewelry I create energizes and connects to my clients, reflecting their true self while empowering them to try different looks. 

With over fifteen years of design experience rather than following trends, I let discovery fuel my creativity as a part of my design process, using semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, and Swarovski© crystals. With an MBA and a background as a leader in the financial services industry, I didn’t accessorize, but instead focused on dressing professionally in a man’s world. When I hired a stylist to play with my look, I found that I could be professional, while making a statement. I found myself moving from self-doubt to self-love, and I try to evoke the same transformation for my clients, making them feel beautiful, confident, and proud of the woman they’ve become. My custom creations have been shown at Columbia Fashion Week, Greenville Fashion Week, and Charlotte Fashion Week and worn by celebrities such as Vivica Fox, Lisa Ling, and Cokie Roberts. As a homebody at heart, I enjoy life by the beach in South Carolina with my family and four Havanese dogs.

2. How do you define fashion and or style?

A Statement Look – Eclectic. I have elegant, classic, casual, and work looks. It all depends on the occasion and self-expression. I have a put-together look whenever I venture out and a very casual look when I am in my statement jewelry studio. I feel that dressing up, putting on makeup, and wearing the perfect bold statement jewelry makes me feel good, more lively, and more confident.

3. What influences your style? ie travel, work, movies, magazines, social media trends, celebrities, color, etc.

My inner voice influences my style. I believe in dressing and accessorizing that voice. It’s the jewelry that speaks to me, filling me with energy suitable for the occasion. I tend to wear more solids and small patterns and let my jewelry make that bold and colorful statement for me. I do love the style of Cate Blanchett – she’s a rare blend of beauty and understated elegance.

4. How has your style evolved?

As I began my professional life on the path towards a senior executive role in financial services, I dressed in a female version of a man’s suited look. There was even a book we followed called Dress for Success that directed professional women to wear navy, black, and gray suits with white shirts and little bow ties. No pants were allowed. One company even had a rule that you couldn’t wear pants unless it was under 32 degrees outside! I started to feel stifled as I had a creative person down deep inside me, so I went to a stylist for help. She showed me how color, cut, and style of clothing could make me feel more like myself. Then she showed me how accessories and jewelry could fulfill my creative instincts. As I began my adventure with jewelry design, I saw how my creativity could be unleashed through the energy of color, stones, and design. My style is now for me not for others. I tend to wear more solids and small patterns, letting my jewelry make bold and colorful statements for me while simultaneously energizing me.

5. What does your dream wardrobe consist of? 

I love tailored luxury jackets with elegant slacks, colorful casual tops, pants, and jeans. I think there’s two distinct alternatives because I’m a Gemini! I always like to be put together when I’m out and about. I’m always casual in my workroom. I love bright, royal colors!

6. If you were to give fashion advice to your younger self what would it be?

Connect your innermost self to your fashion. Don’t be afraid to be confident, expressive, and to make a statement. Look to yourself for the answer to what is your style. Don’t copy others but find your unique style. Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone take that away from you.

7. How important is it to be body positive and to appreciate the skin that you're in?

It’s incredibly important. Women need to get comfortable with themselves no matter what they look like on the outside because they are beautiful on the inside. That’s one of the goals of my jewelry line. To connect a woman to the energy of one-of-a-kind statement jewelry piece to lead her on a path from self-expression to self-empowerment. In many cases, women have been taught to be small and quiet inside, but deep inside each woman is a strength and beauty that needs to come out. Each and every woman deserves their positivity, energy, beauty, and confidence. Too many of us suppress these feelings because of how we were taught.

8. What do you love about jewelry?  What is your absolute favorite is it earrings, necklaces, etc.

I love everything about bold statement jewelry! I love how it makes me feel when I put it on – how it transforms me to a more energized and confident woman. I love the energy of semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. I believe that there is a perfect match in jewelry for every woman making her feel beautiful and confident to walk into every occasion. But if I have to pick, my favorite is statement necklaces – both short and long. Because I like both lengths, I make my necklaces with adjustable chains for different lengths, neck sizes, and necklines. My necklaces are also one-of-a-kind, so a woman can walk into a room knowing that no other woman will look like her.

9. How do you incorporate accessories and jewelry into your daily looks? 

As I mentioned before, I tend to wear solid or small print clothing of different fabrics, colors, and textures. That lets the jewelry define me. I find that I feel better that way, letting the clothing dictate the jewelry.

10. What are your non-negotiables...  What must you have / wear / do?  and what are your, “I’m never ever doing or wearing that”?

My must-haves are -  a great elegant black jacket, bright or royal colored silk blouses, and a great pair of black pants. Jeans are also essential.  Since I live at the beach, my wardrobe can be a bit more casual much of the time, but I love dressing up whether the occasion is dressy or everyday.

11. Tell us why you choose fashion and style.  So what we mean by that is, we don’t have to dress up, we don’t have to adorn ourselves with jewels and embellish with accessories, but we do, we choose to… why do you?

Jewelry chose me, I didn’t choose jewelry. I feel in love with the creativity, the uniqueness, and how it transforms me. When I made my first necklace, I was in love! I just knew it was for me.  After that, I adored how dressing up, suiting up, and adorning myself made me feel. Even when the day is gloomy, I feel better. Even when I’m feeling down, it lifts me up.

12. What’s your favorite fashion/style quote or mantra?

“Whoever said, “I have enough jewelry -  no one ever.”  Beverly Price

13. How and where can people connect with you?

Instagram @nastava_artisan_jewelry

Facebook @nastavajewelry


Truly an inspiration- Beverly, thank you for sharing your story. Empowerment is powerful and its beautiful. Remember, stay bold, confident, and most importantly, yourself!


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